That dude was totally ripped! You could grate cheese on those abs!
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
1. Something that is torn.
2. An mp3 file that has music taken from a CD.
3. Past tense of "rip" = To release gas from your bowels.
(1) "You ripped my coat!"
(2) "Here's a ripped file of the song."
by Storg Korg September 15, 2003
Adjective:Having excellent muscular shape, further defined by lack of subcutanous fat
Yo Pinche' Mike, check out that chicks abs, she's mad ripped.
by Greasy Tony September 13, 2003
1. ridiculously drunk, piss-blind, inebriated
"I'm blowing off work on Monday. Let's get ripped."

2. fit, athletic, toned. Especially well-defined abs.

3. Stolen

"Mo and DeeZee rolled up on the fly-ass bikes they ripped from the neighborhood kids."
by jred September 11, 2003
Extremely muscular.
Tony's body was so ripped one wondered if he was on steriods.
by Celainn September 09, 2003
do take a fairly large shit, or to lat an impressive bowel movement.
dude i just shit, and i think i ripped.

Oh man I ripped one and i dont think anyone will live to tell about it.
by Nooch September 05, 2003
(after blazin some weed).....man...i'm soooo ripped
by dee July 04, 2003

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