a person getting mad fun of or abused very badley
Booage got ripped everyday in Ms evans class
by Amuni Albe August 22, 2006
Completely drug-laden to the point where all typical inhibitions have subsided. Usualy acompanied by acute memory loss.
Man I got so ripped last night i walked home... twice!
by menzer September 12, 2003
Being extreamly muscuar. Equalt to being as muscular as Jesus Christ.
I am ripped like Jesus.
by Anonymous September 04, 2003
to be insulted by a person
Person 1: Me girlfriend finished with me last week
Person 2: You Obviously couldn't satisfy her in the bedroom then
Person 1: SHUT UP!
Person 2: Hahaha you know you just got ripped!
by Loz Williams November 04, 2007
1. Having well defined muscles.
2. The state of being drunk.
3. Having inhaled deeply from a bong.
4. To fart.
1. That guy is all ripped up, he must be juicing!
2. Mike Hunt was drinking way too much at that party, he was totally ripped!
3. Dang, did you see the look in his eyes when he ripped that last hit?!
4. I was with my girl last night and her eyes started to water after I ripped a juicy one!
by Dave G-Spot September 15, 2003
when you diss someone bad aka rankinq.
tupac: biqqie, u soo fat i could hear u cominq from a block away.

lil kim: ooo baby u just qot ripped !!!
by kristen.eff.babeeh February 25, 2009
Fucking Horrible, really really bad
being grounded is ripped
by peeshaaw March 18, 2007

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