I just smoked 14 joints and drank 67 beers. I am ripped!
by Lexicon Master September 15, 2003
To be totally wasted; esp. from high-potency prescription drugs like oxycodone and/or hydrocodone.
{Angie}: Mom, you're totally ripped! Get your face out of your dinner plate! And put that coffee down -- you've already busted three coffee cups by dropping them!
They're cups of coffee for Christ sakes not bongs!
by Telephony July 13, 2014
I'm so ripped
by canuck September 16, 2003
The art of being fucked up.
Damn! That last blunt ripped my head off.
by Bob Linkin September 15, 2003
1.) To be extremely muscular.

2.) To get extremely high off of Marijuana.
1.) Man, did you see Jared? He got totally ripped over the summer.

2.) Before Math starts, Tom and I are going to get ripped out of our minds.
by LukeLapuke September 04, 2008
a coment that somebody has said to someone that has insulted them or embarrased them. A group of people around them will shout 'you got ripped'
someone: ur crap at football
other person: not as bad as you!
everyone: haha you just got ripped by him lol
by lezo November 06, 2006
Completely drug-laden to the point where all typical inhibitions have subsided. Usualy acompanied by acute memory loss.
Man I got so ripped last night i walked home... twice!
by menzer September 12, 2003

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