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Fucked up on pot
Man i was so ripped last night
by ichabad April 28, 2010
a person (usually a man) that is extreamley muscular and beefy
Person1: "Check out that guy in the back row"
Person2: "yeah, he is ripped"
by sexycamilla December 19, 2009
1. To be really high
2. Referring to any awkward, funny, or generally ridiculous situation
1. I'm soooo ripped right now
2. How ripped is it that your ex-girlfriend was just in the room?
by ASPENOH April 14, 2009
An extremely muscular person
WHOA that guy is ripped!!
by Kenjamin May 23, 2006
Someone whom is physically perfect. As in muscular.
Mike was looking positively ripped today!
by katherined March 15, 2005
When somebody has given you a dodgy deal therefore being ripped off
Sod that dodgy newsagent he didn't give me enough change i have been ripped
by Luncheonman December 18, 2004
Let a nice fat go free
Man I just got eating some Taco bell and damn i ripped one
by HeadPlug April 05, 2004