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A bond between two people; One person works to create/maintain love and fufillment while the other person waits for something better to come along.
An example of a typical relationship would be your ex(s) and you.
by 30' something March 17, 2007
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An idealistic old school definition of a romantic relationship: When two youthful adults, often of the opposite sex, based on their judgment of compatibility and attraction, agreed to move up from dating /courting status into a stage of hope that they can help fulfill each other through adventures to grow together and individually.

The beginning is always a high, but if the good energy isn't honestly, constructively used by both parties with right care, the fun won't last long.

It is an emotionally hard loss when it often fails without fruition, but something indispensable to go after in life's pursuit of happiness, just as is finding one's life work. Getting over this pain is smoother when the breaking up ex is actually smart & kind, and/or the broken up receives compassionate support over time.

If one who manages to make way with finding their true best gets to encounter another one who also has character, and they resonate that with flowing chemistry to overcome obstacles, the elusive sparkly lasting love might just be in reach, leading to better things.
His first relationship had some attraction and length, but failed because neither party was took care nor matured enough.

Though he was crushed after the second relationship failed, she fortunately left him with helpful lessons for his future relationships, and sent him home to reconnect with his family.

They seem to be a match and could have a good relationship with their consistent work ethics and sense of balance.
by BenShino-san September 01, 2008
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the thing that guys can fake as well as girls can fake orgasms.
girl 1: guess what? i'm in a relationship!
girl 2: in the face. good luck, idiot.
by girl369x February 02, 2008
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A bunch of obligations that two people have for each other that make both of them feel worse about themselves.
To quote the majority of the song "Piss Off" by the Arrogant Sons of Bitches (A break-up song):


I remember way back when,
When I wanted you to be mine.
And now that I've kind of had you,
I wonder was it all just a waste of time?
And did it make sense jumping into something
Knowing that I'd get hurt?
I don't know, but my boss thinks not,
It makes me less productive at work!

And all my friends told me "look out!"
'Cause you were treating me like shit!
I swallowed my pride and bit my tongue,
And I thought nothing of it!
I blame relationship's termination
For why things are never fine.
I've dreaded this moment from the day we met:
We have to say goodbye!

Now all I do is pine and smoke
With all my friend.
I regret not moving on
Even though I said I did,
Fuck, shit, dammit.
How many times do I have to call you
Just because you call me first?
You see, we're nothing together
But a bunch of obligations
That just make me feel worse!

So why was I the last to know
When you ride some other guy?
And why should I have even cared
That night you said you cried?
My stomach threw up my daily nutrition
And your anti-morals robbed me blind.
I loved you, and you blew it,
And you broke your own heart.
So eat this last goodbye!

Piss off: this is the last goodbye."

by Daniel Plainview123 August 29, 2009
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A relationship can be a number of things.
1. A love relationship. Boyfriend and girlfriend, or with two boys or two girls. It is where the two see each other and no one else in a dating or sexual way.
2. A bond between two or more people. Can be both good or bad.
"He promised to be only mine. We're offically in a relationship!"

"I have a hate hate relationship with him. He's a jerk."
by StrawberryAngel April 27, 2009
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An excuse to annoy people.
It's okay that we had a fight in front of you, we're in a relationship.

It's fine that we called each other pet names and kissed in front of you, we're in a relationship.

It's okay that we had sex in the other room and you heard it, we're in a relationship.
by Paul Goldshmidt December 14, 2010
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A type of ship where there is a minimum requirement of at least two people to board. These ships can be either a very good experience to the people or very bad. These ships more often than not sink, crash, or disappear. On very rare occasions the ships stay afloat for long periods of time.
Guy One: "You bought a boat?"
Guy Two: "Yeah."
Guy One: "What are you going to call it?"
Guy Two: "The Relationship."

Guy One: "So what happened to 'The Relationship'?"
Guy Two: "It sunk after six months. I couldn't devote my time to maintain it."
by FrickleFrackle22 August 28, 2009
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