A relationship can be a number of things.
1. A love relationship. Boyfriend and girlfriend, or with two boys or two girls. It is where the two see each other and no one else in a dating or sexual way.
2. A bond between two or more people. Can be both good or bad.
"He promised to be only mine. We're offically in a relationship!"

"I have a hate hate relationship with him. He's a jerk."
by StrawberryAngel April 27, 2009
A thing that will only cause you pain. It will eventually brake your heart and cause you to question yourself. They will make you the happiest you've ever been, but then will tear your heart apart. Relationships are bad news. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS!
Boy: Hey i dont think i can be in this relationship anymore
Girl: But i love you....
Boy: Sorry, but i dont want to 'keep hurting you'
by Witchcraft <3 March 29, 2011
When two people (usually two members of the opposite sex) get together and are usually in love and share everything they have. Including power and ability to make decisions.
We've been in this relationship for a while and its going great.
by Kito December 01, 2004
a simple inconviencence that means whoever you are dating tries to dictate what you do, where you go, and-basically-dicatates your freedom.
Mark: Did George get shipped off to Iraq? I haven't seen him forever!
Matthew: Nope, he is in a relationship.
by donkeylips6 February 11, 2010
A bond between to people, that at first looks like happiness and joy but always ends in failure and pain. Usually caused by miss-communication or lying.
Jack and Lucy's relationship started out looking great, that is intill Lucy stopped talking to Jack and wouldn't tell him what was wrong and eventually cheated on him because of it.
by reipa January 23, 2010
riˈlā sh ənˌ sh ip
the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected : the study will assess the relationship between and get back to you. After we agree on this definition, or at least to post it.

• in risk of extinction: like the dodo bird.
• a state of, mild, hot, and spicy, with ranch on the side.
• the state of being connected by blood or marriage : they can trace that shit.
• a mutual understanding of frequent sex, this must include sober sex, morning noon and night: wow we had sex today at noon and last night after drinking - I think we had sex last night? but we defiantly did at noon and the other morning, twice.
• the way in which two or more people or organizations regard and behave toward each other : the landlord–tenant relationship | she was proud of her good relationship with the household and likes ranch.
• you have a drawer at the other residence that you have been staying at: the contents are know by you and possibly the other party but you have a drawer.
• an emotional and sexual association between two people : she would consider being invited to Las Vegas, or the Strip Club, and can except or decline.
- Thesaurus -
1 evidence of their relationship no walk of shame, she/he has different clothing on when leaving in the morning, affinity, they understand who is picking up the tab, they are not having abc sex, or married.
2 they drunk text and dial each other, strange but excepted.
3 i think one of them did a relationship once and knows, maybe?
4 wow! how do you get into something you understand – you don’t (read frequent)
Relation•shit•less adjective
1 the end of their relationship romance, (love) affair, love, liaison, amour, partnership.
2 it never happened, any of it, (love) affair, even if you did get a free dinner.
3 the toothbrush dose not count, nor the box of tampons or other crap left, even if you thought it was for you, they are items that any on could use, see having a drawer (your items).
4 but i was tagged shit!
by dkkohn March 02, 2010
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