A bond between to people, that at first looks like happiness and joy but always ends in failure, pain & tears! It's a trap, so live your life with good limits without it.
Sue and Jack have been in a relationship in 2 years. Jack broke up with Sue, because she went from being godess to boring. Sue is in pain and tears and have problems comming over Jack.
by Lola19293 August 18, 2015
There are different kinds of relationships.

A) A bond between two people that is often hard to break.
B) When two people come together for sexual purposes.
C) When two people fall in Love and start off together.
D) The revenge of one person to another.

1) Alicia and I have a tight relationship.
2) Jaz and AJ are say they are in a relationship but every one knows it’s just for the sex.
3) I am just crazy about this new relationship! I know it’s going to go places!(marriage)
4) Lori is in a relationship with Tom just to make Greg jealous.
by DoCheryl February 05, 2008
When two people decide to fall in love, usually resulting in lots of stuff for the woman, loss of bank account for the man. It could also end up in marriage.
Woman: We should start a relationship.
Guy: I'm broke. Wait till I get paid.
by Brian/Larry/Ziggy/Morpheus July 21, 2004
somthing that is good, but mostly its a bad thing. the results are heart acke and not acting normell.
my relationship was good but now i cant eat sleep think or act right. specially once she breaks up with me.
by umpa case May 24, 2006
A clever bending of the words "wild sex"
lets have a relationship on that table
by tom December 15, 2003
When two people are in a mutual agreement that they will only be intimate, flirty and loving with each other. Also known as boyfriend and girlfriend. No other persons shall be involved in this relationship. It is between two people only.
"I love brad, that's why we're in a relationship"
by Liliantroder25 July 07, 2016
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