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the reason i wake up. i mean, they can be idiots just like girls can be bitches, but, come on, you gotta love the nice, cute ones.
i love guys and i hope one day i'll find one who doesn't think about sex every seven seconds.
by girl369x February 02, 2008
the thing that guys can fake as well as girls can fake orgasms.
girl 1: guess what? i'm in a relationship!
girl 2: in the face. good luck, idiot.
by girl369x February 02, 2008
more than 99.9% of the world's population.
i can take any sentence and make it dirty.
i am a pervert.
by girl369x February 02, 2008
a place where we'll most likely all be going.
hell is for everyone! blacks, whites, men, women, criminals, ice cream men, natives, christians, mormons, adults, kids, buddhists, asians, frogs, everyone!
it's basically the only place that doesn't discriminate against color, gender or religion.
by girl369x February 02, 2008
someone who believes in equal rights for men and women,
i'm a girl and i have a feeling this'll never happen. if men and women were equal, guys would have permission to hit me right in the face and who wants that?

note: feminists and femiNAZIS are very different, just so you know.
example of feminist: myself, sort of
example of feminazi: warped minded, bra burning, hairy monster woman who screams at the smallest thing. see, Rosie O'Donnell.
by girl369x February 02, 2008
someone who marches around, showing off carrying designer things whether it be a bag or a can opener.
guy: did you see adam parading around with his new basketball shoes.
girl: yeah, he's such an Oprah.
by girl369x February 02, 2008
the next thing you're going to see on that "intervention" show.
myspace is a teeny bopper's sanctuary.
by girl369x February 02, 2008
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