a glorious lack of sophistication
at least one person in your family is one
by mateo January 06, 2004
A mentally challenged white male, usually from the South with an IQ of a beaver. They are characterized by: ignorant, intolerant of others, isolated in their own little world, uneducated, marry their own sisters, live in a run down trailer, claim to love america, but carries a confederate flag, vote against their own interest, and politically inept.

synonym: hick, hillbilly, intolerant

antonym: gentleman, worldly, tolerant
Even though I live in a trailor and have no health insurance, I'm gonna be voting for Bush, becos' he talk like a red neck, like me.
by Fox News October 05, 2005
A redneck is simply a caucasian southerner. I will agree, not all rednecks are educated, but some of us are. The fact that a person enjoys outdoor activities does not make them a redneck. You have your redneck, and then you have your WHITE TRASH, or caucasian waste, rather. Rednecks tend to be classier, more intellectual southerners, while white trash folks are described as...well....just read most of the above definitions. Rednecks are not the racists, white trash folks are. You people are getting it all mixed up.

Redneck = polite, friendly southerner who might happen to enjoy chewing tobacco

White Trash = dumb-ass backwater hicks who make southerners look bad.
Redneck phrase: "Howdy, my name's David."

White Trash: "Her her her I like shootin' niggers!"
by Collin Mayfield October 07, 2005
Revised Redneck Characteristic List from the 17th definition:

1. Nascar, Huntin, AND muddin are the main sports
2. Some of us can be very good spellers if we choose it
3. We can pronounce words albeit alittle slowly
4. Duct tape on a car CAN be sexy
5. 30-40+year old trucks have wonderful potential(67 Fords& 85 Chevys)
6. We are VERY sarcastic people, you just don't know
7. Old license plates, deer heads on the wall, and guns (not coins) are great to collect
8. "fart" is not a swear word (it means our in-public flatulations)
9. We listen to country, rock, and occasionaly rap
10. Some of us are computer literate, we're called "hi-tech rednecks"
11. Incest is for white trash, and mountain folk
12. We take logic classes, thank you
13. The main favorite colors are plaid and camo
14. Hell yeah we proudly fly our Confederate flags
15. Our houses would be haunted by civil war ghosts if the house was over a battlefield
16. Roaches are only our best friend when they're not bein shot at with our BB guns fer fun practice
17. We do not keep old Pepsi bottles of urine, it's more'n likely old bottles of dip spit
18. We don't go to ebay for old vehicles, we go to junkyards
19. We don't use MSN, it's more like free Yahoo email or a few of us actually have AOL
20. Most rednecks have to be seriously infatuated with a girl to go "head over heels" for her
21. We are always proud to be a redneck because incest is fer them mountian people and white trash

I'm not makin' this up. I am a proud reneck and I know a helluva lot more like me.
Them rednecks sure had fun at the mud hole last night.
by Simonds July 21, 2006
Usually a white male with limited education - someone who is generally intolerant of other people who differ and/or disagree with his thinking & outlook. These folks tend to look at the world in black & white terms - there are no shades of gray, or room for flexibility.

These folks live all over the country with the heaviest concentration in the southeast & midwest.

Some characteristics of " red necks "

1. White male
2. Drinks lots of beer
3. Wears Wrangler jeans
4. Wears tshirts,sweatshirts that are usually too small
5. Usually has a beer gut from drinking lots of beer
6. Lives on junk food, lots of beef, fried chicken
7. Nascar fan
8. Outdoor hobbies/activities - fishing, hunting
9. Drives a pickup truck
10. Hates Liberals, Gays, Minorities
11. Does not read much except cheap magazines
12. Often treats women like 2nd class citizens
13. Strict with his kids - often will use physical force to discipline his kids
14. Usually not open to reasoning & negotiation
15. Supported & Voted for George W. Bush

George W. Bush is a classic example of a red neck - just look at his redneck " my way or the highway " FAILED approach to government.

by WET CARGO BOY March 18, 2006
Not a hick;may or may not have an education--either its stereotyped way too often. Its an attitude and style. Often an adopted way of life. Care free, cut and dry, roughneck attitude/qualities. Aint afraid to kick someones ass over the smallest things, often give "what are you lookin at asshole smirks" often quoted with "Aint Skeered!", may show racist qualities--and for the most part love Nascar...articles of clothing:sporting t-shirts, jean or work shorts, work boots, cut off flannel shirts, sporting caps, anything camoflauge
Man, that Mark--he aint skeered ta kick no ones ass. How many times does he have "ed-u-cate ya" not ta mess with em?
by Mark.B July 14, 2005
A Redneck:
-May or may not attend a KKK meeting
-Shoots trespassers on sight
-Has a very racist and intolerant attitude, but not all do
-Wears Rebel Flag apparel, such as Dixie Outfitters
-Lynchs black people
-Hunts down both Mexicans and Blacks, especially if member of the KKK
-Guzzles beer and whiskey, complains about other races taking over in certain areas
-Drives shitty, beat-up pickup trucks
-Threatens people who are different from them, usually when that outsider is in their "territory"
-Beats kids and either beats on or cheats on wife
-Uses various words like All Y'alls, boy, son, wersh, niggur, city fags, chicken n' dumplins, reetard, tarred (tired), shoot son, chink, wetbacks, jeet jet (didyou eat yet), gnawed jew (no did you)gnawed jew....sounds like something a redneck would like...hint hint
That redneck was wearing his Rebel flag t-shirt talking to another redneck wearing ratty jeans and a NASCAR t-shirt.
Rebel Flag Redneck: Jeet jet?
NASCAR Redneck: Gnawed jew?
I come up and see this and one redneck says "Git outta mah way, city fag!"
Me: "Excuse you, asswipe? I don't have to listen to your redneck country ass!"
NASCAR Redneck: "Y'all wunna fight, son?"
Me: "Who's y'all? I'm the only one here!"
NASCAR Redneck: "Ah'm talkin bout ur niggur friend over dur, we 'uns is gonna hang him!"
Me: "You dumb bastids dont even know what hanging means!"
by Ryan August 12, 2004

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