The usual people that the comic Jeff Foxworthy uses in hsi jokes.
1.)If you think the last four word of the National Anthem are: Gentlemen, Start Your Engines...
2.)If you've ever stared at a carton on milk juice because it says concentrate...
3.)If you use the back of your pick-up truck as a swimming pool...

by MC Illmatic July 15, 2004
A glorious absence of sophistication (Part time or full time)
if you've ever taken a six pack of beer to a funeral you might be a red neck
by Lorenzo99 September 11, 2005
Anybody who likes Bush, drinks beer(a lot)and walks around in town with a 12gauge,shootin' everything that moves.Oh and ,has a red neck
Hey!! Everybody...look at that fuckin' redneck.

BAM!BAM! Die mofo!
by Lucas December 19, 2004
A person does not have to be a Southerner to be a Redneck. A Redneck is typically classified as a hardworking man or woman, who has made a living either farming, doing landscape work, or other jobs that require the person to be outside throughout the extremes in weather. This is the normal cause for the tell tale "red neck".

It has been found that many Northerners look down upon the redneck, even though the great majority of manual labor is done by the redneck. You certainly would not see a business man working outside in the hot sun doing extensive farming to feed his family.

In a sense, America must thank the Redneck for all the difficult labor they have done to keep America the greatest country in the world.

The fact of the matter is, not all rednecks have sex with they're sister, love nascar, love hunting, love fishing, or love beer. They are the backbone of this great nation.

For that alone, the Redneck should be applauded, instead of put down and denigrated.
They are some of the nicest people I know...
Rednecks are blue collar workers who are not afraid of hard work or getting their hands dirty! we are the type of people who would give you the shirt off their back if needed even if that's all they had. We are proud of who we are and where we come from. We are friendly people who will wave when you pass by know you are not. We have faith in our god even when times are tuff. We know how to enjoy the simple life and what god gave us. When we look at the stars we see the beauty in them others can't see them at all! We can survive through anything when other people wouldn't know where to begin. Believe it or not most of us have our teeth, not so dumb and have nice homes. I have a four bedroom brick ranch style home wich i am very proud of and have earned every bit. We are not all racist seems to be others that are and just want to put it off on the rednecks of the world!! There are racist in all walks of life not just ours. We also feed the world or have you forgot? You do like to eat right? Rednecks is not another word for trash that exsist in all races. I would count on a redneck anyday!! People who don't see things this way look up the word RACIST!!!!
They call him a redneck but he is just a good ole boy
by rebelbaby June 26, 2007
Referring to that tell-tale sunburn on the back of the neck caused by wearing a John Deere or Cat tracker cap while plowing the fields. Generally acquired in conjunction with the "farmer's tan." Not necessarily limited to the rural Southern male, but closely associated with this particular species of human.
Kenny Chesney's girl may think his tracktor and farmer's tan are sexy, but it's his authentic redneck-ness that really turns her on.
by Anita the Fury April 29, 2005
In the 1630s, during the crises that culminated in the English Civil War,
the Presbyterians of Scotland dissented from both the mainstream Anglican
view, as well as that of the rising "Puritans." In their view, the
Anglicans were "Catholics-minus-the-Pope," while the Puritans were
half-crazed utopian dim-wits who wanted to create a "shining city on the
hill" so that they could rule the City. In declarations issued in 1638 and
1641, these Lowland Scots issued so-called "Covenants," whereby they
declared that they would not accept the Anglican form of Church govt (headed
by the King), but would also not accept the Puritans' theological/political
view. "Covenanters" signed their oaths in their own blood, and many wore
red pieces of cloth or stiff, red collars to signify their identity as dissenters (thus "Red-Necks"). After the English Civil War, and then again after the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, these Scots were forced to emigrate to America, and they largely settled in the South. By the time of the AMERICAN Civil War, the term was used to describe white Southerners of all theological stripes. Interestingly, most of the English-surnamed people of the NORTH were descended from PURITANS!
by ulster fry August 08, 2003
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