To stick out ones tounge and blow in a manner which is meant to put down someone of a lower class whom u just beat in some sort of event, be it sports or some silly anecdote.
Fran blew a large rasberry at billy as she walked away, victoriously, from thier checkers game.
by Matt R March 25, 2005
Top Definition
To blow on someone's belly causing them to squeal like a piggy.
I gave Roth the biggest rasberry, he almost crapped his trousers.
by Barton2 February 02, 2006
A common mispelling of Raspberry.
In an online conversation:

laney_baybee: mmmm... i <3 rasberry smoothies! lol

Spelling-Bee_Princess: It's 'raspberry', not 'rasberry'

laney_baybee: lol ur a dork

*Spelling-Bee_Princess appears to be offline*
by Platinum_Inc April 12, 2007
To stick out ones tounge at another person in an effort to exclaim ones victory over something.
Fran blew a large rasberry at tom as she walked away, victorious, from thier game of checkers.
by Matt R March 25, 2005
To donate one as a fucking spastic
hey up that fucking rasberry is coming

look at that bloke he's a fucking rasberry
by Cunts November 03, 2006
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