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3 definitions by Cunts

To enter ones contents of the bowels in to the bog. i.e. have a fucking good shit
I'll be gone sometime im off to the shitter for a muck out.

Dont go in their it stinks i've just had a fucking good muck out.

Wheres the bog, i need a muck out.

Your fucking cat has just had a muck out all over the fucking floor.

Look at that dog its having a nasty muck out, and it fucking stinks.
by Cunts November 03, 2006
to fuck a girl

to bend a girl over and fuck her
shit she was so fine i had to throw one up her

yeah i took her home and threw one up her

I bent her over and threw one up her shitter

I was throwing one up her and me mrs walked in
by Cunts November 03, 2006
To donate one as a fucking spastic
hey up that fucking rasberry is coming

look at that bloke he's a fucking rasberry
by Cunts November 03, 2006