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The most incredible person someone could be friend with. Kind, caring, beautiful, everything else. Listens to you when your in need and will be there for you. Easily the most astounding and coolest girl a guy could meet.

Anyone else notice all the positive definitions aboutt the name Fran?
See, Fran, your awesome. :)
1:"Holy crap, you were with Fran last night?"
2: "Damn man your one lucky son of a bitch"
1: "Amen to that."
2: "I hear shes so cool."
1: "I hear shes cooler than you! Ooooh Dissed!"
2: *Tear* *tear*
by Jason April 13, 2004
a happy, optimistic but slightly ditzy and completely crazy person.
'I just met the happiest, most optimistic, but kinda ditzy and craziest person ever.'
'Aww, sounds like a Fran!'
by Caz August 19, 2004
the bestest friend sum 1 could ever have

hunny your a star
fran is to kwl for wrds

wot would i do without fran
by jeni March 18, 2004
The most funnest person you could ever meet in the world. She always makes you laugh and doesn't give a crap about what other people think. Random, most of the time, but that's what makes her so likeable. She is one of those people that will finish the lyrics of a song you are singing or break it down with you in the hallways. She has your back and finds most things insanely funny and likes to fall asleep in class a lot. She has some of the most strangest encounters with the most random people especially in WalMart, but that just adds to the many good times you will have with her. Fran is one of the best friends a person could possibly have.
Me: "You nasty"
Fran: "But I like your type"
Both: "And like T.I. it's whatever you like!"
by Melicious (EL) November 19, 2009
a beautiful, romantic male who loves unconditionally
"i went on a date last night, and that guy was such a frans!"
by loveofhislife June 19, 2006
A celebrity walking among us. Frans know how to make things interesting and hilarious. They can create nicknames for anyone around them, especially co-workers. These nicknames are top secret to peers around, and very original. Ex: Mexican Armadillo, Dora, Rosetta Stone, {{{ J. }}}}}, and many more. Frans do not enjoy shopping on Black Friday. Frans enjoy saying sarcastic things like "I am gonna shoot my eye out!" Frans always show optimism in all situations. Frans should stick with people that are not Pessimistic Polly's. Frans friends should come from the astrology sign of Aries, their initials should be BMH.
Frans make me lmfao.
Frans say Mexican Armadillo's really get on their nerves.
by {{{ J. }}}}} December 01, 2009
Short for Fransis, A very Smart, inteligent person who is very attractive and very fun to be around
Person 1: Did you meet fran last night?
Person 2: Yeh she is so smart and funny and inteligent
Person 1: i know i wish i could have met up with her
by HBN1 September 30, 2009
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