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a fast food place with good burgers and fries and colas, the bun is really fresh
"i think checkers is the best fast food"
"checkers has the best fries"
"my favorite fast food place is checkers
by c_tina_x April 27, 2008
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a "Burgers-Fries-Cola" joint found in DC, MD, and VA(possibly in other east coast cities). Quite possibly the best burgers and fries you can get short of being gourmet... beware, they are really big, and really greasy.
Person #1: Do you want to go to McDonalds or Arby's?
Person #2: Nah, let's go to Checkers.
by carmen November 06, 2003
a game of epic, almost war-like, proportions. much more than moving a few little pieces around a board... this is the game of champions. notable features of the game include: Saint Jackolas, kingage and an abundance of references to being "on", like Donkey Kong. preferred past-time of Mr.T, William Shatner and the late Barry White.
"simply the greatest game ever created, god outdid himself with this creation" -Rob McLean, checkers hero, close friend of David Dickinson and Saint Jackolas hater
by failure33object April 26, 2005
A fun old game played traditionally between two people.
We had a competitive game of checkers.
by larstait October 29, 2003
It basically means sex
"So I heard you and Jessica were playing checkers in the back of the library yesterday!"

by Harry.Styles.Bish April 01, 2015
A slang term for smoking pot (marijuana if you prefer!) developed by two dunnys on the mean streets of crooklyn.
More than just a slang term, it allows for safe knowledge of the smoking pot event, without letting outsiders know.
(When proving your masculinity)
VincentTheThird: Yo i got two beers!
All: TWO?!?
Pothead: Yeah well i just played some checkers

(When not wanting an outsider to follow)
Wheelman: Lets go play checkers!
Outsider: why would you wanna play checkers??
Sergio: Aigh sounds like a plan, and dont worry. its just a fun sport.
by The Oh Lesson! April 28, 2008
term for cool, or if you wanna sound cool calling sumthing cool
Man Those hats are so checker!
by Cay May 19, 2005
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