Top Definition
1. something that you eagerly want to do or experience.
2. an event that you anxiously await, full of anticipation and you look forward to doing it because it's exciting.
1. I'm raring to go see SIN City in theatres this friday!
2. Whitewater rafting is something we've all been raring to do for the summer.
by fitchickxina March 30, 2005
The process of compressing files with the program winRAR. When the file is so large that it takes several minutes to finish compressing.
1. My entire music library is RARing so I can transfer it to my new computer.

2. Guy 1- Hey, did you burn those files to a DVD for me?
Guy 2- Not yet, they're RARing right now so they'll fit on the disk. It'll only be a few more minutes.
by chaosphere March 28, 2008
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