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<noun> Room-mate. Someone who lives in the same house/apt./room with you so that RENT is cheaper.
<noun> Hey Kate, I'd like you to meet my new Roomie, Johannes.
by fitchickxina September 05, 2005
<noun> Medical Term for a "hangover." Drinking one too many alcholic beverages causes one to feel this the next day.

<adjective> hungover.
<e.g. as a noun> Accepting one too many drinks for one's goodbye party results in next-day veisalgia.

<e.g. as an adjective> After a night of partying and accepting free drinks, MSN chats with ex-coworkers may result in awkward veisalgic conversation topics the morning after.
by fitchickxina September 04, 2005
1. something that you eagerly want to do or experience.
2. an event that you anxiously await, full of anticipation and you look forward to doing it because it's exciting.
1. I'm raring to go see SIN City in theatres this friday!
2. Whitewater rafting is something we've all been raring to do for the summer.
by fitchickxina March 30, 2005
(noun) an event that may cause one party a source of entertainment due to the frustration of another party specifically-wanting something (food or toy) from McDonalds.

E.g. Keito was pissed off because they no longer served hashbrowns when she arrived at McDonalds about half a second too late! This McLetdown only provided amusement to her sibling who drove her there.
by fitchickxina April 30, 2006
<noun> a person who does not like to engage in physical activity. They prefer to just sit & veg instead of moving around when you invite them to join you for activities.
<noun> When one is active & athletic, dating a TOFU can pose problems: You want to spend time together enjoying the great outdoors while he wants to sit on the couch and play DVD movies all night long!
by fitchickxina September 04, 2005
noun updated millenium definition: guys who are not ambitious. They may have a job and a car but they are content with not climbing the corporate/career ladder. They are usually do not care about their physique/appearance/clothing. Basically, men who do not like to take care of themselves.
Rick was your typical scrub: always arriving at work 10 mins. late with his unkempt appearance and fastfood breakfast.
by fitchickxina April 07, 2005
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