1. To be high on marijuana. (see example 1)
2. To be unusual to the extreme, and/or to do outlandish and abnormal things. "Rareness" is often characterized by a disregard for social norms. Rare is somewhat related to its literal definition, being uncommon, but with a positive connotation. (see examples 2)
1. I knew "the rick" was rare at lunch today, because he went right for the ice-cream after entering the dining hall with bloodshot eyes and a huge grin on his face.

2. It was rare when Merk informed us that he planned to enjoy some "superior drinkabilities" (bud lights) during halftime at his son's soccer match.

The way that percussionist shook his gourd was rare.

Mr. G's tendency to show up completely pie-eyed (drunk) to formal events is very rare.
by Mister Toker October 23, 2009
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The quality of being 'rare'. Unusual, seldom occurring.
"I just raped ANOTHER cow by accident"
"How rare."
by parp March 13, 2003
not seen often, unexpected, different, weird, out of the ordinary
she forgot her lunch today, thats rare.
by l3Xx♥ May 25, 2009
When someone or something is badass.
Person 1: " Dude, did you catch the game last night?"

Person 2: " Ya that touchdown catch was rare!"
by I dont know who i am November 23, 2008
Rare: To be in exceptional or unusually excellent form because of the effect of an alcoholic drink. Most people will want to be around a person that is in *rare* form.
Timmy Davis was rare after drinking that pink wine from a beer bong.
by Da Latino Heat November 18, 2009
To not be up to expected standards. esp. in a group.
That's rare.

You're rare.
by Fozzy MattF January 12, 2004
verb: indicating the high quality of something, taken from the E-bay description used on many products.
Did you see that car? That's rare, that is.
by Bryan Oryan March 11, 2007

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