an guy who sings about jewelry, pimpin, alchohol, and his stompin ground
Q: Why do rappers always get hit by cars?

A: Cuz thur from the street.
by hizzlefoshizzle July 15, 2005
some punk ass n00b who has no talent and so just talks fast. uses alot of swearing, and degrading terms to act "cool". often very derogetory to minorities or women, often have no respect for police, and whine because they are too stupid to stay out of trouble.
"look, a rapper...... SHOOT EM!"
by Dack9 March 13, 2005
a black man either wearing ghetto clothes or bitching about how much his pathetic gangster life sucks.
JAYZ is the biggest rapper around.
by Maggot666 February 17, 2005
Someone who: apparently makes (C)rap
but all they do is saple their voice.

Their only requirement to be a rapper is to wear a gold chain and wear some shitty tracksuits. all their music is made for them on a computer and they have large teams of people to make their music for them (they do actually 'sing' on the track but it is all modified and sampled.) Unfortunatly lots of people cant see through the stupid charade

It is not even music because the only element of music - it has is lyrics - no tempo, rythim, style.... (most idiots wont know what im talking about, because they have no idea what music is)
See: townie
People who listen to rappers bob thier head up and down to show their appreciation of the 'music'

This is a poor excuse for moshing.
by AAA July 14, 2004
All most all rappers possess shit for brains. In the rest of the general population this quality in exhibited rarely. Yet among rappers it all most if not entirely 100%.

I don't know how they got so many idiots in one genera. Usually they are spread out, one to a village.

The best, most socially conscious thing that they SHOULD DO is not breed. Although it seems that all they really care about is acting and dressing retarded and getting their peter wet.

that rapper has shit for brains
by rapsucks1738 January 21, 2007
a person who isn't allowed to express himself freelly, who is forced not to speak
I can't believe it, he is treating me like a rapper!!!
by Alain-Philip Gendron November 25, 2002
Individuals who experience hardships in urban society's.These are People who are very talented lyrically. The only way to tell a story is through writing lyrics.
LL.Cool J
The Great B.I.G
The Great Tupac
by Niceemcee January 19, 2004

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