A rapper is a crack dealer.
Fundula: Fundo, what do you do for a living?
Fundo: I'm a rapper!
Fundula: For real?! Spit a freestyle for me.
Fundo: What the hell you talkin' about?! I said I rap! I sell crack!
Fundula: Oh...
by authOOr July 19, 2006
1) What a few talented people can do by stringing together phrases with elaborate detail to make them sound cool.
2) What white people think they are when they can make a few words rhyme.
Nelly is a rapper, and a good one at that. Mike Shinoda, from Linkin Park, thinks he's a rapper.
by Death By Definition December 31, 2004
A black man screaming about the 'hood.
Dr. Dre is such a rapper.
by Strayfire September 23, 2004
1.someone who cannot sing..therefore speaks

2.someone with no originality:

lyrically: they just say the samething as other rapeers over and over (e.: rollin on dubs, chekin out shorties)

musically: the just sample music from previous artists.
a rapper is definately not a musician... its someone with no talent who wants to make money.
by nate July 05, 2004
Often confused as a poet, a rapper uses poor grammar and turns it into style. Also mis-pronounciation and made-up words originate from this. Most are black.
50 cent (s) ('fitty')
by Ian Norton November 26, 2003
someone who couldn't spell if their somehow miltiplatinum album was on the line.
Rappers are stupid people who talk funny.
by CharmedButObsessed September 10, 2005
A talentless performer who resorts to talking because he cannot sing.
Rap is a degenerate "art" form.
by fillyphile May 03, 2005

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