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People who have mindset changes can usually see them days in advance, through their dreams. However, what the change of mindset will be remains a mystery until it is experienced.

1. mindset (noun) - outlook towards life (aka CounterStrike)
-(X)I'm just saying that i have a feeling something is going to change my mindset this summer, and i dont know what it is yet.
(Y)Are you trying to say that you are a psychic , but at the same time saying youre not a psychic?
(X)I do have dreams about the future, but it'only several days in advance.
(X)I'm not kidding....

-I'm looking for a change of mindset.
by MTM September 03, 2004
1. n. A state of mind, usually used in combination with descriptive modifier.

2. n. A set of minds. See committe mentality.
A mind set (see 2) can have a criminal mind set (see 1).
by Downstrike July 10, 2004