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the most talented bayfucker in history. with hit songs like "I know she's 5 but i fucked her anyway", "Tell me baby...what's your diaper size", and his newest hit "fucked you at daycare", R. Kelly has managed to monopolize the petifile industry while still getting half you dumb fucks to like him and believe he is innocent. in the Past he had married aliah (i don't know howhe got her to say "i do", she wasn't even old enough to speak!), & had sex with the hansons (which he thought were three small blonde girls. R. Kelly has had more sex with children that Ted Nugent has buffalo. but please keep buying his records so he has money to video tape more footage of him fucking your children before they are even born. i would say he needs shot but doing that would only keep our children sexually safe forever.
" the day my daughter was born i couldn't wait to go to the nursery to see her for the first time since the birth...but when i got there i was outrage to see R. Kelly missionary on my 2 day old baby.
by bizz March 05, 2004
1. chunky (adj.)- to describe someone as a bit on the plump side; slighty tubby

2. chunk (noun)- a piece of something; a fat person taking a chunk of delicious food.
1. Yo man, look at that chunky monkey over there, hes a peoss homosexual.

2. Yo man, go grab a chunk of dat' shit you fucking fatass.
by BizZ September 03, 2004
for the most a category of musicians that at one point in time were very talented(some still are), now though, rappers are spreading like the Ebola virus. it seems with just a spreadsheet of slang terms, some fubu, and criminal rap sheet, anyone can be a rapper.
"yo, ya her bout pookie? he got arrested for shooting someone outside the club then stealing thier car and running over a small child, while raping a handi-cap person"

"wow dawg dats ruff, what did he get...life in prison?"

"Of Cousre not...Russell simons stopped by bailed him out and cut him a record deal."

"wow fat B...but pookie can't rap"

"so...he got a criminal record man! he don't need to know how to rap...look at fitty"
by bizz March 05, 2004
1. pshh-(con.)- What the fuck are you talking about? You are fobogus.

2. pshh-(vb.)- It's whateva; whatever you say; to insinuate a person being a jererakass (jackass by cataldi).

3. pshh-(sound)- To show an undecided opinion; to say thats stretching it too far.
1. Pshh, you iz fobogus you retad.

2. Pshh, whateva hatz.

3. Pshh! Iz you sleepin'?
by BizZ September 03, 2004
a forcefull back hand slap similar to the pimpslap, except you hand is covered in ass crack clay.
my hoe told me she wanted me to quit pimping her out to all my uncles, and neighbors, so i pooslapped the bitch, shouted "YOU BEST RECONIZE!"... she got the message
by bizz March 05, 2004
ass you would like to spelunk like Alan Quartermaine and the King Solomon Mines, except what your digging for is brown not gold and isn't worth a whole hell of a lot. however it is only a spelunkadelic ass if they are wearing disco trousers or have in there possession 5 lbs of fresh peanuts!
"wow! look at that wildebeast of a woman over there, she's only got one leg, she has more hair than a bear, but that ass sure is spelunkadelic.
by bizz March 05, 2004
ohios hottest rapper
bizz just str8 fya
by Bizz September 24, 2003

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