a person who speaks fifty words of English
yeah, you see nigga, i'm a rapper,
i speak fifty words of english,
i got five mil in the bank,
yeah, nigga, you speak fifty thousand words of english,
and you ain't even got an ounce of crack
by mr. communication October 29, 2006
all rappers are on the dl
all rappers are on the dl
by magnum p.i. ist krieg September 04, 2004
A person who can be of any race of creed who expresses themselves verbally through rapping about their lives, dreams and ideals. Wrongly percepted as talking only about hoes, money and guns (try listening to talib kweli you fags) Rapping is a great style of music and the best way to express yourself. Anyone whoi thinks rapping is about being 'gangsta' is obviously a bit of a retard and has heard no rap since they saw 50 cent on channel U. And as for 'listen to rock', no ta, i'd rather die than listen to some self-pitying adolescent whining into a microphone about their love life over a 3 powerchord guitar riff. Rock is for thick people.
Nas is one of the greatest rappers alive today.
by rock is dead January 12, 2005
1. Someone with no talent who goes to jail a lot and shoots people.

2. Someone who only talks about anal sex, shooting people, and how much money they have.
That fucking rapper got arrested again!

Every time I turn on the radio, this annoying rapper comes on!

Some stupid rapper got arrested.
by J November 04, 2004
All rappers need to have a special punishment. For starters they need to be rounded up. Next, any rapper who has ever been shot and lived needs to be shot, in the face, until killed. Then, any rappers without a significantly dark tone of skin need to be defecated upon, so that they may join their darker brethren. Everyone of them needs to then be forced to listen to polka songs, for polka is the only genre that may compare to the utter hideousness of rap music. Next, some of the more obnoxious rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Mike Jones, and Paul Wall should be catapulted at Mt. Rushmore until Abraham Lincoln's nose breaks off. Afterwards, any who still cling to the miserable existence that they call a life need to be sealed in a rocket and sent to Jupiter, where they can learn to live without breathing, and have a giant orgy.
A rapper is the shittiest excuse for a musical "artist" in existence.
by Di...Ted June 01, 2006
an MC
rap iz hip-hop n hip-hop iz a culture itz a way of life itz thug life
yea der r sum pussys out der like ja rule n irv gotti but dey aint rapperz dey just pussys
tupac iz a true rapper and so iz JMJ and run DMC
tupac wuz and still iz da greatest rapper of all tymez
by AnG December 15, 2003
There are only two real rappers ever Tupac and Biggie
Joe: Tupac is the best rapper ever
Tony: Biggie Smalls is the best rapper ever
Hank: No guys Eminem is da best
*Joe and Tony beat Hank repeatedly with Tire irons until he stops moving*
Biggie and Pac wer awesome y couldn't they get along
by DaNorthlandGangsta March 29, 2010

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