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someone who makes chicks seem to go crazy.
im a poet. unlike prose writers when i form my sentences it doesnt make any coherent sense but it sounds fuckin cool anyway.
by wrongsideoftheprism August 24, 2003
Ruler of the world simply on the grounds that he/she speaks in a form that is ellegant, and must understand that poetry was spoken before it was ever written.
Langston hughes was a great poet.
by PoeticOne January 19, 2007
a poet doesn’t fear

a poet doesn’t fear
since darkness was and is
an unwavering companion

a poet doesn’t fear
take a slice of me when you go
and i will write myself better

a poet doesn’t fear
since silence has carried him
through countless metallic archways of night

no it is not these things –
a poet fears only
that his heart will go out
still full of ink

-Robbie Woods
a poet doesn't fear
by Drama_King March 07, 2009
A person who writes poetry. The archaic term for a female poet is "poetess", but due to some feminists concidering the term sexist, "poetess" isn't used much now.

Also known as a bard (straight from the Gaelic "bàrd"), or troubador(from Latin and French), and especially known as these things in the Midieval Era.
'S e bàrd a th'annam (It is a poet that I am).
by Lorelili March 26, 2005

Used to be
someone who
Wrote a lot of lines that rhymed & were otherwise
possessed of a musical quality that did not
necessarily require
strings or drums in the
& was altogether too smart for words

Now a poet is
someone who
fucks about with the length
so as to make
the utterly
appear to have unplumbed depths of meaning
which I suppose
is at least moderately
Everyone's a poet ... only they just don't know it.
by Fearman November 17, 2007
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