an abbreviation of the name of the band "rage against the machine" , a rap metal/hip hop rock band of the mid-late 90's, a rabble rousiong, riot inducing, system destroying powerhouse, the inspiration of a generation, and all round anarchic motherfuckers. this is one band thats going down in the history books.
" yo, check da new rage album man, that shit is da madnotes!"
"word, bitch, i got that shit, dat is some fuckin class tunes"
by alan the clit commander. August 05, 2003
When you have a rage cookie in your jar and type @rage in a channel were cookiebot is.
I just got my cookies 1k! Time to rage ftw.
<Rager> @Rage
<@CookieBot> Termz has ate his rage cookie and doubled his cookies
<@CookieBot> Termz now has 2000 cookies
<Rager> I rule!
<Termz> Noob..
by CookieTrainer January 02, 2010
using one's strength. also seelifting weights
I went to the ccrb(central campus recreation building) and I fuckin' raged.
by d ma November 18, 2003
One who rages like a nigger.

has a big nose. <3
yo bitch he just RAGE'd on his assss
by Natorr April 16, 2010
Founded and Created by DJ MASACRE. 01/26/2009

The new meaning of proclaiming excitement towards an item, situation, or person when it is (; Awesome, Wicked, Mad, Sick, Tight, Right, Nuts, Insane, Rad, Hot, Crazy, Massive, Epic, Cool, Intense, Neat, Amazing, Great, Good, Incredible ...;)
" That was RAGE "
" Totally RAGE ! "
" You're so RAGE "
" That new gear I bought today was so RAGE"
"You gave me the RAGE and I RAGED you back"
" Rage on ! "
by DJ MASACRE January 26, 2009
Extreme anger, usually said after someone says something and/or does something in an extreme fit of anger.
Person A says "I hate you". Person B then starts screaming and throws a frying pan at Person A. Person C then says "Rage!"
by More Awesome Than Thou November 12, 2005
to destroy or cause irreperable damage to another's property or person, usually without malicious intent and easily forgiven later. Involves alcohol consumption, nudity, and shaving cream. Participants may only use the word "RAGE" in preparation for and during this event, and it is always screamed as forcefully as possible.
the Rage:
He looked up at us and smiled: "You've ruined my life," he said, "you burned down my house and broke both of my legs."
"We were raging pretty hard," I said. "The ambulance and fire trucks should be here soon."
"You certainly were," he responded, and he winked at me.
by jaw5 November 04, 2005

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