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A rage is a very large party noones actually invited but everyone goes to, this party continues through the night into the early morning, large amounts of substances are generlly consumed by all participants. common area for rages are: edgecumbe, whakatane, after the ball& 16th birthdays
karen: yay my boys having a rage were gnna be going all night!
by U suck March 23, 2005
When some crazy guy gets drunk and usually threatens people with a rather large knife
dude that guy with the bigass cleaver must have some rage
by anonifdsfdsafdsfds June 10, 2005
a badbwoy deejay, originating from the london area. usually found infesting the internet wiv ruffnek dubplates on www.keenfm.com
cha bwoy dem too tuff! who dat? cha man dat be da bwoy rage yunno, dem man too dangerous seeeeen!
by sy November 12, 2003
A slang word for the pain killer Lower Tabs, (Usually referred in the illegal consumption of said drug).
Guy #1: Dude did you see that fight John got into he is a totally insane fighter.

Guy#2: No dude John sucks at fighting he just doesn't feel anything, I totally saw him taking Rage like 15 minutes before the fight.
by Jawziemotto April 23, 2010
Rage, depicted brilliantly in point 4. He is obviously rageing
over the fact that he isn't as hard-corely reet as some other gamer. Sometimes known as softcore reetness.
:R-cK:Wraith was sniped in the head by .]toXic.prof.
:R-cK:Wraith has left the battle.

^ He Rage- Quit.
by reet--prof December 05, 2005
First level Barbarian special ability in 3rd ed and 3.5 D&D Gives +4 to Strength and Constitution for a duration equal to 3 + the new constitution modifier.
DM: Thorg, it's your turn, what do you do?

Thorg: I rage, I charge, and I full point power attack
by John Wells November 29, 2004
Rage is a woman on her rags... enough said...
Mood Swings, complete and utter bitchiness, and of course, rage, is what a woman will blame on her period... Just stay out of their way...
by ;)Doors Fan 0069 July 11, 2004