Partying so hard as to not give a fuck. Those who engage in the act of raging are known as "ragers."
Cab Driver: What does rage mean?
Rager: It means "you don't give a fuck!"
by Social Chair 2992 December 21, 2010
the act of getting belligerently intoxicated while wearing sleeveless clothing. often accompanied by dancing, yelling, and impromptu cookouts.
we are going to rage this weekend.
by awwwshiiiiiiitkid October 29, 2010
A clubnight based at The Furnace in Swindon UK ran by ledgendary local DJ Evil-Ernie.
Playing Rock Metal and Punk every Friday it is an outpost of good alternative music in an otherwise dull town.
Are you going to RAGE tonight?
by Evil_Ernie December 11, 2009
Another way of saying, "I am extremely upset at the situation at hand"
Guy: You have a flat tire.
by rageahol24093 March 02, 2009
A deadly virus studied in a labratory at Cambridge Univeristy. The virus was a man made result of extensive clinical tests given on primates in 2000-2002. Symptoms of this virus include reddening of the iris and sclera (cornea), bleeding from the eyes, bloody vomit, cannibalism, and jerky, impluse actions.

This viral infection is transmitted though bodily fluids. Almost all people recieve this infection from being bit by an infected person and are fully infected between ten and twenty seconds. Exposing this virus to anyone is exremeley dangerous and prohibitted by law. Knowledge of an outbreak during 2002 throughout the United Kingdom made headlines across the globe and shut down all research concerning this virus. The United Kingdom was quarantined for 28 weeks until U.S. led nato forces allowed reentry for citizens.

Two people were found with genetic immunities to the infection. Both died shortly after identification.
Zack: "Jee, I'm awful glad my parents sent me on this people-to-people trip to the U.K. Now my whole tour group is infected with rage and chasing me. Fuck my lifeee!"
by Gaspard Ulliel February 28, 2009
someone that gets extremely angry when you do something wrong
Epil: Stop with the rage Tim, i are boy scout. ):
by Yammins March 08, 2007
leet, great and owning like hell. This is the stuff for RaGe.
RaGe really owns FPS
by Ape August 31, 2003
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