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'Nuff said
The simple fact is, ladies and gentleman, bullying is abuse, no matter how much you deny it.
I can stand here... well, sit here, all day and say that murder is not permentant - it doesn't make it true.
The only reason bullying is not called abuse is because adults are too damn chicken to call a spade a spade.
by Walking Talking Dictionary October 23, 2006
expression of negative feelings.
Billy was bullied countless times as a kid, and now is dead. the person bullying him did not think it was actually considered as "bullying"
by BulliedKid November 01, 2010
Acts not thought about with unwanted consequences. Words meaning lies, lies put into someone's head. The problem we all go through, but how we fix them determines if we ourselfs are suffers of life. Otherwise know as bullys.
Did you hear about Craig? I heard he was a victim of bullying.
by ANMAN21 November 05, 2011
The worst way to make someone feel awful about themselves. Putting others down so you feel better about yourself . Lately a young girl has started a "no bullying" trend with her video. She had tons of courage to post it and I am proud of her. The video has saved several lives and reached out of state. Bullying is making someone feel worthless. "What's the point in making someone feel worthless?" Says the girl from the video.
What is she doing?

I think she's bullying Daylon!
by Savannah R. January 10, 2014
Something that kids used to be able to fight against. Sadly, now it's much easier to just kill yourself over it.
Vinny kept bullying Bobby until Bobby killed himself.
by Solarbeam October 02, 2013
To make fun of someone who you think is way below your standards.

Yeah, you thought so.
Person 1(to someone): Ha-ha, you're so ugly!
Person 2: Dude, stop bullying people!
Person 1: I'm not making fun of him, I was just saying something for him!
by Bloopmamoopa June 05, 2016
Flaunting your natural superiority.
Ms.Jalowiki: um, what is um, define...ummm...bullying.
Jansen: flaunting your natural superiority?

(fist pound)
by ---Pro--- April 25, 2011
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