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To get someone angry or mad. Usually used by kiddies in IRC and Games when cheating and other players get mad.
Cheater: Wow, it's just a game, stop getting so raged.

IRC_User: Dude, stop banning me, plz, kthx.
Banner: Hahaha, so raged.
by Deceptik0n July 12, 2005
"Quake3: Challenge ProMode Arena" slang culture.
I raged arqon 2ez yesterday m8s. banned from #promode again.
by sif May 15, 2005
to get wasted.
"we passed out woke up and raged again!"
by lovelovelovelovelovelovelove April 05, 2009
A muslim in the north of England.
"Don't let that fuckin' rag 'ed with the ruck sack near me!"

"Fuck off back to Rochdale!"
by What's the frequency Kenneth? August 22, 2008
(Rage'd, Pronounced ra-age-duh)

The act of dominating another person in an online game after either being tormented by them via trash talk, then slamming them in the game and shutting them up or dominating another player with no resistance. Can be used in place of the word 'jizzed' to imply the victim was forced onto oral sex with the dominator.

The origin of this word is unknown at the time. The only difference it has from the word (raged, no apostrophe) is its meaning and the apostrophe.

Lawl oh lawl I just rage'd on his ass.

I rage'd so hard.
by F!ZiKs March 20, 2009
An act of sexual violence against someone else.
I raged her face last night.
by mach January 25, 2005
rage, raged, raging

Primarily used by clan myg0t

1. A word used to express ones anger.
2. The act of irritating one to become raged.
I saw a raged migit today!
I'm going to go rage a Counter-Strike server.
by [abrade] nova December 25, 2003
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