to rage or be raging. can also be used as a noun, to be on rage. Someone who is extremely intense with blood shot eyes and have a thirst for human flesh. From movie "28 days later."
Dude, are you on rage?
I think ____ is raging right now?
by morelax14 February 17, 2011
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A Now Useless Skill in the popular RPG game, Maplestory. It boosts the users, and the users parties Attack, wile sacrificing some defence points.
The lvl 80 Crusader had maxed Rage.
by Itachi666 August 08, 2007
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Rage, depicted brilliantly in point 4. He is obviously rageing
over the fact that he isn't as hard-corely reet as some other gamer. Sometimes known as softcore reetness.
:R-cK:Wraith was sniped in the head by .toXic.prof.
:R-cK:Wraith has left the battle.

^ He Rage- Quit.
by reet--prof December 05, 2005
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When you have a rage cookie in your jar and type @rage in a channel were cookiebot is.
I just got my cookies 1k! Time to rage ftw.
<Rager> @Rage
<@CookieBot> Termz has ate his rage cookie and doubled his cookies
<@CookieBot> Termz now has 2000 cookies
<Rager> I rule!
<Termz> Noob..
by CookieTrainer January 02, 2010
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One who rages like a nigger.

has a big nose. <3
yo bitch he just RAGE'd on his assss
by Natorr April 16, 2010
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Something or someone that is absolutely radical/gnarly/awesome.
I can't wait to see the kodan armada tonight, they are the rage.

Genger is the rage because she took me to see yaphet kotto.
by thailand April 25, 2004
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Giving self defensive, 1 paragraph comments to a post on google plus with a strange -.- face at the end of each one.
by gosh im joking December 26, 2011
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