First level Barbarian special ability in 3rd ed and 3.5 D&D Gives +4 to Strength and Constitution for a duration equal to 3 + the new constitution modifier.
DM: Thorg, it's your turn, what do you do?

Thorg: I rage, I charge, and I full point power attack
by John Wells November 29, 2004
Rage is a woman on her rags... enough said...
Mood Swings, complete and utter bitchiness, and of course, rage, is what a woman will blame on her period... Just stay out of their way...
by ;)Doors Fan 0069 July 11, 2004
an alternative to the word "cool" as a response.
I've got tickets to see U2 tonight. RAGE!
by bratboy March 23, 2005
Something or someone that is absolutely radical/gnarly/awesome.
I can't wait to see the kodan armada tonight, they are the rage.

Genger is the rage because she took me to see yaphet kotto.
by thailand April 25, 2004
shreding of the gnar gnar, preferibly at a festie (festival) or hotie (dirty mcnasty hotel room) this involves tanks, hippie bling (crystal wraps), pitbulls, and mali (mdma, a powder that makes someone homosexual)
"raj my fajita" ~ Wookie #1 at Festie
"wake up and rage" ~ Wookie #2 at Festie
"Totally raged the hotie last night" ~Wookie #3
by Bowie and Sara August 27, 2008

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