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To do an impressive comeback on someone when they tried to bully you around.
A goth is walking in school minding her own business, and a prep blocks her way and she starts to mess with her.
Preppy: "umm, lyk why do you have all that wierd stuff on"
Goth: "uh, well because i can, why?"
Preppy: "lyke i hope you dont think it lyke will get you popularrr, because lyke, it doesnt.. it just makes you lyke wierd.. so lyke yeah.."
*goth rolls her eyes and tries to continue walking*
*preppy gets back in goths way*
Preppy: "umm, lyke you need to lyke apologyze for lyke rolling your eyes at me. lyke you cant lyke do that to me, im lyke the most popular girl lyke in this school"
*goth gets close to preppys face*
Goth: *talks a little louder than before* "Umm, you know what really needs to be done. you need to like, learn like, proper english, LIKE!! Fucking queer. you shouldnt even be in the 10th grade english!!"
*goth shoves preppy*
Preppy: "umm lyke i lyke told you lyke im lyke popular for you to lyke shove me"
Goth: "ugh... ok fuck this"
*pulls down preppys mini skirt and reveals thong, also letting out the rotten smell from preppys coochie*
Goth: "i wonder how popular you feel now that everyone knows you dont take showers"
nearby person: "OWNED!"

preppy's life is ruined from being pwned by someone she thought she was better than
by DarkEndWolf April 20, 2008
4 21
pwned mean POWER OWNED, you dumb asses
Me: Aw shit son I just pwned your newb ass in the dome
Your Grandma: would you like a sandwich?
by Lance AP November 15, 2007
1 18
also known as "person owned"
I just PWNED your life
by ghostsniper42 September 08, 2007
1 18
pwned, is a word used by absolute wankers,
who think they wanna be different, and instead of saying OWNED, they used PWNED
(pronounced- pooned)
person1- "man i just totaly pwned that girl"
person2- "you're a wanker."
by izzeerascal. August 22, 2007
11 28
EVERYONE STFU! YES KIDS LIKE ME USE PWNED BUT ITS NOT THAT FUNNY, OH BTW IT Means to completly dominate or "own" someone when used in online play!
OMG That rocket whore just pwned me!!!
by BABABADOOSH March 19, 2007
3 20
anyone that says this word has NOOOOO life at all
i pwned that noob because i have no life and sit around all day playing video games!!
by Jon April 18, 2005
22 39
Its origin is from online gaming, from the word pawn.

Referring to some one as pwned means they have been expelled or destroyed as if they where expendable.
"He went down in 30 seconds, I pwned him"
by Choix January 21, 2005
2 19