see owned
We pwned them.
by Who Cares? August 14, 2003
"Owned" typed by someone without the ability or thought to correct their spelling. The accepted use generally established the user as one of subpar intelligence.
"I pwned taht lsore1!!1!"
by Daemonite March 25, 2003
This was created by css player breakyourface when he was typing on fps bannana to reply to bulletin insted of typing owned he typed pwned
it means to whoop someones ass in a game of some sort
i pwned that noob loving sunavha bitch
by FPS BANNANA February 26, 2008
spelled many ways: (verb)
1) Means to OWN or defeat someone with a great reaction.
2) To annihilate or kill.
3) To fight then grab one of their possessions.
1) You see that fucking bitch on the comp. screen, we PWN3D him!
2) Bloody hell, mate, you PWned him!
3) The robber picked a carlock, broke in, and PWN3D his IPod Nano!
by Edai December 26, 2006
also known as power owned
judd was pwned by powers
by sampsonizzle July 08, 2006
In the event of a fight, "Pwned is what the loser becomes."
Kayla pwned Adam. Adam > Kayla.
by KaylaPwns May 14, 2006
After the rise of the term "owned" amungst multiplayer-gaming communitees the subsequent "pwned" was coined within prevelant multiplayer circles. The term is to bestow a level of dishonor upon its victim suggesting that the loser was owned in such a way that "it skipped the o and went straight to the p!!" However the existence of further slanders such as "qwned" and "rwned" are purely fictional.
"we pwn all u noobs!!1"counterstrike 4/1/2006

"Maybe today I'll pwn enough noobs to raise my rank in the server from 3 to 1"-'I hate yuo myg0t (pwned)'

by Bon Jabb April 04, 2006

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