It is common knowledge it originated in warcraft; you'll see a lot of those here, so I wont bore you by repeating it. However, it also applies to when people get lots of thumbs down for their bullshit definitions of "pwned"
As above:
When people get lots of thumbs down for their bullshit definitions of "pwned"
by Ambrosia January 21, 2005
synonym for owned

Video game:Your friend is pissed cause you used a wall hack. You say "PWNED"!
by 1337 h4x0r July 26, 2004
Totally ass-kicked, beaten like a red-headed stepchild, shit got wrecked. Associated with online gaming (CounterStrike, Warcraft, Starcraft, etc. etc.)
"I just destroyed your Watch Towers with a Peon, you got PWNED."

"He talked back to me so I used my fist to PWN him in the face."

"I just totally pwned this guy with a Zerg Rush, kekekekekeke."
by Raggadagga Man April 13, 2004
A corrupted version of the word "owned", this..."word"...has been plagueing internet space since the day some nerd accidently hit the "P" key instead of the "o" to display owned. its definition is unknown, as only the retarded can say it, but it is believed to mean "I have no place in Internet gaming".
"Dude I just pwned you hardcore!" *gunshots from every direction*

"Dude I was pwned!" *gunshots from every direction*

"I hate it when people use the word "Pwned" *gunshots from every direction*
by Brennen December 14, 2003
Misspelled version of owned, spelt wiv a P
d00d u just got Pwned
by Spyk December 05, 2003
Same as saying owned.
Sally got pwned at the used car lot.
by Sein October 12, 2003
To do an impressive comeback on someone when they tried to bully you around.
A goth is walking in school minding her own business, and a prep blocks her way and she starts to mess with her.
Preppy: "umm, lyk why do you have all that wierd stuff on"
Goth: "uh, well because i can, why?"
Preppy: "lyke i hope you dont think it lyke will get you popularrr, because lyke, it doesnt.. it just makes you lyke wierd.. so lyke yeah.."
*goth rolls her eyes and tries to continue walking*
*preppy gets back in goths way*
Preppy: "umm, lyke you need to lyke apologyze for lyke rolling your eyes at me. lyke you cant lyke do that to me, im lyke the most popular girl lyke in this school"
*goth gets close to preppys face*
Goth: *talks a little louder than before* "Umm, you know what really needs to be done. you need to like, learn like, proper english, LIKE!! Fucking queer. you shouldnt even be in the 10th grade english!!"
*goth shoves preppy*
Preppy: "umm lyke i lyke told you lyke im lyke popular for you to lyke shove me"
Goth: "ugh... ok fuck this"
*pulls down preppys mini skirt and reveals thong, also letting out the rotten smell from preppys coochie*
Goth: "i wonder how popular you feel now that everyone knows you dont take showers"
nearby person: "OWNED!"

preppy's life is ruined from being pwned by someone she thought she was better than
by DarkEndWolf April 20, 2008

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