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to consume with great vigor
past tense (maued"
dude, you maued that winkie
by Penelope McWhiskers January 28, 2003
One of the biggest tanks ever built. Only two prototypes of the superheavy tank were ever produced in 1944 by the crumbling Nazi Regime. They never saw combat however. Their huge weight and their monstruous fuel guzzling would have made it impossible to be of any help to the already doomed Third Reich.
In German "Maus" means "mouse".
Only one Maus tank still survives to this day. It can be seen today in the Museum of Armored Forces in Kubinka (near Moscow) in Russia.
by Dan the Man June 17, 2005
Mau; To Mau; Mauing; Pulling a Mau.

1. The act of changing a parties location after said location has already been established.

2. Convincing people to leave a gathering, event, or party, to go do something else.

3. To invite people, who are already going to an established party, to your own party. All attendees of established party will attend the new party.
We were going to the Beer Garden, but it got Maued.
by OneGirlArmy March 31, 2011
a card game where the object is to get rid of all your cards first. however, you get cards for talking or not saying the right rules. it can be very confusing for someone who has never played before. when you start playing with someone new, you do not tell them the rules. they have to figure out them as they go along. it can get frustrating
dude how do you play this 'mau' game
talking (gives card)
this is lame
talking (gives card)
point of order, just try and figure it out ok? end point of order
by Jennaaaaaaa August 09, 2007
A term of endearment or comfort,if said numerous times,mainly used by cute girls, to bunny rabbits, teddy bears and men they think are wuvable.
"Aw, you hurt yourself, mau mau mau"

"Hello Honey,"
"Mau Mau Mau"
by ophelia January 16, 2005
An Egyptian word meaning "cat" (also my nickname)
The Egyptian Mau is a very graceful breed of cat
by GothicEssence January 01, 2009
a German world war two mega tank, weighing around 180 tons and having a 15 cm gun with a small 75mm gun mounted on the same turret it is a true beast, it drinks about 1 liter of fuel every 13 meters it traveled, and having Armour approaching 30cm of steel this is a moving bunker of DEATH, only two were made and the war ended before they could be put into service, only one is left today, and it is in a Russian tanks museum called Kubinka.
the maus is a tank
by tank_stuff February 23, 2015
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