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Spirit; pluck. Considering it is also a vulgar term for semen, it is rarely used in its normal form due to the obviously easy possibility to misinterpret it.
"That athlete shows a lot of spunk on the soccer field"
"He shows a lot of spirit and determination"
by Kenthar August 10, 2003
Possibly the best mythical creature known to this day.
Trogdor was a man. I mean, he was a dragon-man. Or maybe he was just a dragon!
by Kenthar March 20, 2003
Recognition for a good, but non-useful suggestion or effort
He failed miserably, but earned brownie points for trying.
by Kenthar March 18, 2003
An enemy.
Guard: "Ho there! Be ye friend or foe?"
Adventurer: "Uh.....Foe."
Guard: "Then begone with thee! I'll not let ye in!"
Adventurer: "No, wait...!"
Guard: "Ho there! Be ye friend or foe?"
Adventurer: "I was just....Friend."
Guard: "I don't know if ye are telling the truth, but I'll let ye in anyway."
Adventurer: "Thanks....moron."
by Kenthar April 22, 2004
In MMORPG's and MUD's, means that an NPC will attack pre-emptively, instead of only returning an attack.
"That new monster they put in the newbie area is aggro."
by Kenthar July 06, 2004
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