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To chill or act real calm and not worry
Mike: Yo I just shot a cop in the leg while he was walking to the donut shop
Jami: Be easy mang, I'll help you hide the burner
by Yung B August 06, 2003
357 94
just act cool, relax and take care of yourself
4 sho shawty you be easy
by Mystro December 22, 2003
224 58
take care, have a good one
aight man, i'm out. be easy
by p-funk November 24, 2003
120 32
be cool, dont stress, and relax
aight peace out bro. be easy and be safe
by Paul Lee aKa Mr.PP August 29, 2005
116 41
laid back, not stressed
I'm out......be easy
by Juicy August 05, 2004
61 47
Based off of the song by Ghostface Killah, Be Easy basically means to calm the fuck down.
Ey yo, you gotta be easy on it. Just ignore that mofo.
by Gateau August 23, 2006
43 32
calm yo nerves, chill out.... stay cool
man if I have to tell you one mo time, be easy, fo' we get caught
by Delisa October 02, 2003
7 3