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To be owned. This includes but is not limited to being told off, embarrassed, made fun of, etc.,
"Did you see that? He just got sooo pwned."
"I pwn you."
by AudreyPwns December 22, 2007
4 14
When a kontrola totally dominates a hapless, moronic Trouter on the CK board.
Yo dawg, kontrola done gone and pwned that dur bitch Trouter, juz like it sayz in teh kontrola Invincibility Principle, which I'm beginning to see has some real epistemic value.
by Rupe'z August 15, 2007
6 16
pwned: verb;
to win at something and "pwn" the other contestants; or to be "pwned" when losing a game, etc.
"I just totally pwned you at basketball!"
by galena April 01, 2007
9 19
to put someone down someone who's new aka a noob or ammeture
most commonly used on the internet espically in multiplayer rpg's or mmorpgs like doom or unreal tournement.
*playing unreal tournment* you come up behind a noob with a shot gun trying to get their flag "Head shot"
you: you just got p'wned noob!
by p-dawg May 07, 2006
7 17
Common mistyping of "owned" (because the "p" key is next to "o" on a keyboard). To dominate in a multiplayer game, or to be very very good in some other way ("Metallica pwned at Monsters Of Rock")
I really pwned on that map! Silly variation: "pweened".
by rogerzilla August 12, 2003
69 79
when you play videogames, and you die, it is appropriate for teh person to say they own you.
" oh yeah BITCH!!! you just got pwned!!!"
by xxxMcNuggetxxx May 04, 2008
6 17
How retards say 'owned.'
mAn +HoS3 DuD3z +0+@lLy PwNed U$ lolololololololololz
by DrHighScore February 11, 2008
404 415