The way a FAG or a retard says owned...and they think it is clever somehow!?!
What a /b/tard might say after watching a video of a Canadian getting fucked by a moose: "Man, that maple licker just got PWNED!"
by howdydudey August 04, 2009
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P.W.N.E.D. is often written after the statement of a definition or description. Each letter stands for:

(this P.W.N.E.D. once again stands for P.W.N.E.D. With Necessary Erat Demonstrandum, and so on Ad infinitum)

See modus pwnens for example. Also the definition above is an example for the use of P.W.N.E.D.
by taiyo June 06, 2007
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Unlike the other people who have posted definitions that are ridiculous, do not have substantial backing, or are simply mis-informed, I will give the complete definition of what "pwned" means.

1. The origins of "pwned" are debated but there is ownly one possible source:
a. When playing a first person shooter game online, and you find yourself with no ammunition left in your primary weapon, you find yourself having to switch to your secondary weapon, aka your pistol. Being heavily outmatched versus an automatic weapon, when the player with the pistol kills the automatic weapon user in convincing fashion, it is usually followed by a string of text "Pwned!" meaning, 'Pistol-Owned.'

P is for Pistol? Get it.
My PDW ran out of ammo so I pwned that nigga with my Glock 9mm.
by john himself June 24, 2005
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This word is a popular variation of the word owned and is typically used within online gaming circles.
This term was first coined by a geek who attempted to modify his copy of the popular first-person shooting game Half-Life so that the word "Owned" would appear on the screen of anybody he killed, unfortunatly (due to the close proximity of the "P" and "O" key on the standard English keyboard) he accidentally typed it as "pwned" while he was modifying it, so now this word was appearing on the screen of every other gamer that he killed, other gamers thaught that this was 1337speak for pistol-owned, and started using the word whenever they killed somebody with an inferior weapon i,e "I pwned him with my pistol even though he had the rocket launcher!"
Nowadays though it pretty much means the same thing as owned
Also see ownage pwnagepwn and pooned
"I pwned your ass so good in that last game!"
"I have leet skillz, you're gonna get so pwned"
by eurobob September 09, 2005
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like owned, pwned is a classy word that you can say when you have beaten someone, perhaps at there own game.
Whoah! Like totally H-Core! I totally pwned you catlin!
by mamemumemo May 30, 2006
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As many other definitions state, this is a corruption of the term owned. However, this term has several advantages over owned, the main one being it has no conotations with the rather touchy subject of slavery. People will also think you cool for using 1337 hacking lingo now used mainly by preteen video game players, including my brother.
Fag: Yeah i owned you!!
Large Angry Black Man: You shouldda used pwned sucka!!
*Fag squeals in pain and terror
by Tom the Enchanter August 21, 2005
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Meaning "pure ownage", often used to describe how well a gamer defeats another gamer.

Also has references to the game of chess where a pawn is the weakest piece on the board and easily taken.

May also have origionated from a misspelling of the word owned, the p and o are together on the keyboard - however this is not a definition!
The weak character was PWNED by the strong character, the weak character died within a few seconds and it was very funny (to a gamer).
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