The word pwning came about when extreme gamers, who were in the heat of extreme gaming, typed "you got owned". of course, misspelling it because a pro gamer has no time to worry about silly things like correct spelling when they are killing noobs left and right.
*awsome gamer just single-handedly killed the entire other team*

Gamer: "you just got pwned"

*gamer keeps killing*
by Skyler627 September 02, 2007
In World Of Warcraft a 42 year old man(Karen, Tiffany, Brenda, Rebecca) was caught with facts and proof from many sources imitating a 15 year old girl in game. This was brought forward to the community and he was destroyed on the boards over and over for a week solid. Old perverts lose.
ZOMG did you see how bad Tiffany got Pwned?
by Joe Broney July 05, 2006
Badly defeated/embarassed/hurt.

(see owned)
DarRangda was PWNED in the face with a shotgun by Zaku X.
by Zaku X October 17, 2003
the amazing word i use when i shoot peoples faces off
guy playing agenst me: *gets shot in the face and dies*

me:"pwned in the face! what now!?"

another player agenst me: *shoots me in the face* "thats what!"
by Brewer Boy July 21, 2008
Pwned is a word that was most likely created by a noob on a video game that typed "pwned" instead of "owned."
It has become used by non-noobs, perhaps to make fun of the person that made it, perhaps because it is so lacking in proofreading, it is hilarious.
lykomg u got pwned dood - noob usage
Haha, that teacher totally pwned you, man. - Everyday usage
by AZe_Mole April 22, 2008
means player ownage in a game.
"i just pwned the shit outta you."
by taramiller! March 18, 2008
Pooped on and owned.
We just pwned your kitten. Gross!
by NerdleNerdleNerdle June 27, 2006

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