when you own or beat someone
by I am Ze Slippery Gypsie November 26, 2010
The total domination of a thing or person.
The word PWNED originated from the word PWN, which originated from own, then cat.
Hey Liu *punchs* pwned
Best Porn ever?!?!? *rickrolled* pwned
by burgerrawr March 19, 2010
There are many different definitions of pwned and where it came from, here is the real one.

It was invented to say "player Owned", it is only used when a human player is killed or lost a game. It was not invented by a WoW player.
Random Guy: "dude did you see that snipe! i pwned that guy in the face!"
by Scivi May 07, 2009
P.W.N.E.D. is often written after the statement of a definition or description. Each letter stands for:

(this P.W.N.E.D. once again stands for P.W.N.E.D. With Necessary Erat Demonstrandum, and so on Ad infinitum)

See modus pwnens for example. Also the definition above is an example for the use of P.W.N.E.D.
by taiyo June 06, 2007
To be owned,schooled,to lose,get killed (ect.)
OOOOOOOOOOH!! you just got pwned
by bigjballa February 27, 2007
The way a FAG or a retard says owned...and they think it is clever somehow!?!
What a /b/tard might say after watching a video of a Canadian getting fucked by a moose: "Man, that maple licker just got PWNED!"
by howdydudey August 04, 2009
There are several definitions for the word pwned. The most common misconception about it is that it applies only to video games. In reality, it simply means to do extremely well in any situation that can be judged by factual evidence. You can not pwn or be pwned in a situation that is judged by opinions, unless you have a large group of people who agree with you.
Man, I just pwned that Calculus final, I think that just secured me an "A".


Dude, you just got totally pwned, n00b.
by Rockmar July 21, 2008

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