verb: The act of someone aquiring the ownership of another person by mercilessly kicking their ass on Runescape.

Can be used as pwn, pwns, pwn'd.
"Oh no! my character just died!"

"yeah? well... you just got PWN'D!"
by flying_pickle2010 December 13, 2007
Internet lingo for being beaten down, esp. in a brutal, cold, and efficient manner and usually expressed in an omg context. An alternate possible "literal" translatation could be pawned, specifically used when the pwner uses a pwnee for the pwner's own benefit without the pwnee realizing/knowing it. This allows for an alternate "literal" translation for ownd.
In an fps, playing ctf:

Guy 1 pwner: takes guy 2's flag
Guy 2 pwnee: takes guy 1's flag
Guy 1: lures guy 2 into following him around a corner
Guy 1: gets headshot on guy 2
Guy 2: "dawn, iwas pwnd"
by TheAnonWhoFearsNameSnipers November 08, 2010
being throughly and utterly defeat, anihallated and/or destoryed, stemming from a misspelling of the word owned. common amonst online gamers upon winning a match
'you got pwn'd n00b!'
by dan March 17, 2005
To be owned by another player.
Started with Warcraft or Quake

Actually not a typo or misspelling,
at the time vowels were not a part of many game designs
that is also why it is not spelled pwnEd.
"p" looked the closest to "o" in the game so that's the reason for the switch. not a typo, or leet speak, or any reason you kids could possibly think of. Just simple improvisation.

Means to be shown up in gaming abilities
Dude that Warcraft newb just PWND you!
by pseudosaurous August 02, 2009
PWND and term that came from the word OWND

that generated from Runescape a online game
pwnd is an accidental version of ownd you see
the P and the O are right next to each other

Dude, that dragon PWND your face!!
by jfkbrainspray July 05, 2009
An abbreviation of a typo. Originally "Owned" which became "pwned" when some n00b with questionable typing skills wrote this linguistic abortion into their chat console. The term is an abbreviation of the newly-created word.

The term refers to figuratively getting your ass beat in by a forty-something year-old prison inmate, i.e. getting your shit kicked; getting your ass whooped; getting knocked out; you lose bitch.
"OmGlOlWtF i JeZt ToTly gt Pwn'd!1!@/1'??"
"O rlY?!/1*!@1"
"yA rly!1!22"
by Jedimintrick October 30, 2006
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