to be massacred by a six year old child while playing halo 3
did you see that!!! that little shitholle just pwnd me
by lunetico July 15, 2008
The result of leaving one's savings in the hands of an unscrupulous CEO.
Word on the street is that the CEO backed out of the waste-2-energy gasification project, in favor of assisting a Nigerian prince. News of our great profits will be coming shortly. New name and ticker symbol is expected to be: "Prince With NeeD ( ) Investments".
by asdfgj January 07, 2010
Sometimes pronounced as Ponned or Pewned. PWND is used as a text word meaning that someone was beatin in something. Or Poked in the face with a finger while not looking.
A Friend with his Finger next to his friends cheek, says "hi" (insert friends name) and the friend turns, getting poked in the cheek "PWND".

That was from "Nigahiga" of youtube.
by Cheese Dude July 03, 2009
A moronic variation of "owned" (see "owned", which is equally moronic). Don't bother using it. Only losers and morons use it.

Summarily beaten, defeated..
Duh.. gah. I totally pwnd that level. Guh, heh heh. *sniff* Duh... Now what?
by hinged_elephant March 17, 2009
PWND - "owned"
Nerdish word created and readily used by people that get kicks out of flaming chat areas with poor spelling and/or bad typing errors. Sadly, typing "pwnd" gives them a greater sense of achievement over typing "owned".
lol@owned, u fricken n00b.. PWND!
by Keane1 April 21, 2006
Some mega-popular scene kid once made a typo whilst trying to say "owned".
Now everyone does it.
dude, you just got pwnd.
by ZEENA !? May 08, 2007
To beat, defeat, or humiliate a person so many times, they consider or commit suicide, usally in video games
Steve: Dude, I just pwnd you, Bob!

Bob: Man, I don't want to play anymore! I'm quitting!
by Quitter May 17, 2007
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