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The last day of the weekend and is usually ruined because of the thought of another dreaded Monday.

Also the day when people are supposed to go to church but don't go because of hangovers or just forget.
Guy 1: Hey it's sunday.
Guy 2: Damn that means tomorrow is monday. What a bummer.
by connor93 April 19, 2008
The day you end up doing your weekend homework
I planed to do my homework on friday but i just ended up doing it Sunday night
by wiseold October 18, 2009
A sick reminder that tomorrow is Monday.

Also the day where all you think about is how screwed you are at school or work tomorrow because you're not doing your work now.
Dude, it's Sunday

Don't remind me...
by LizardBreathe April 27, 2011
The day after Saturday night, that usually is known as "Hangover day". People never show up to work, miss out on important events by laying in bed tortured of sickness, gagging at the sight of alcohol, and remembered they screwed they're bestfriends girlfriend the night before.
"Damn man, I can't make it to our meeting. Every Sunday is ruining shit."
by Jillzgotzbillz August 22, 2008
the most boring day of the week. Also a sad day many people dread, because school/work is the next day, on Monday.

It is also the day people get their homework done, last minute.

See Sunday afternoon
Sunday's are so boring that I have nothing to do except eat and watch TV. That's why I'm always a tad squishy on Monday's.
by Person (: August 29, 2010
the day of the week to rest and watch football all day and afterwards, the post game show/
Hey, you gonna come over this sunday? The Titans are playing the Jags!
by donjuandemarcopolo June 18, 2005
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