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From what I heard, and by looking at the number of people who bootleg their shit, it would take the RIAA about 7200 years to successfully sue everybody.
I can imagine that in the year 8327, the RIAA digs up the bones of Joe Shmoe and sues whats left of him $700 for each of the 40,000 MP3s he used to listen to. LOL.
by bored September 04, 2003
<marquee>I AM OUT OF WORDS</marquee>
by bored August 14, 2002
Slang term used by old school gamers online, with roughly the same meaning as the phrase, "You got owned"
!mdk!:haha joo is teh suk
!mdk! was fragged by veteran
!mdk! was blown to bits by veteran
!mdk! disconnected
veteran: jolz
by bored September 07, 2003
Originally the name of a mousepad company, the name has later become adopted by a well-known unknown person. This well-known unknown person is known to not be known by most knowing people. Knowing is knowing not knowing, know what I mean?
I didn't see allsop today at the store.

I didn't see allsop today at the library.

I didn't see allsop anywhere.


I saw allsop
by bored April 29, 2004
Children who have a dependancy on the acceptance of online communities.
by Bored March 20, 2003
1. n. A German crackhouse
Ich bin ein krakenhaus.
by Bored December 16, 2004
To take someone's King (in chess) with your pawn.
In SimpleSpeak : To beat the fuck out of you with little to no effort.
Pronounced : Pawned
player1 was stabbed by player2
player1 was impaled by player2
player1 was impaled by player2
etc etc
player1 disconnected
by bored September 07, 2003

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