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An abbreviation of a typo. Originally "Owned" which became "pwned" when some n00b with questionable typing skills wrote this linguistic abortion into their chat console. The term is an abbreviation of the newly-created word.

The term refers to figuartively getting your ass beat in by a forty-something year-old prison inmate, i.e. getting your shit kicked; getting your ass whooped; getting knocked out; you lose bitch.
"OmGlOlWtF i JeZt ToTly gt Pwn'd!1!@/1'??"
"O rlY?!/1*!@1"
"yA rly!1!22"
by Jedimintrick October 30, 2006
46 30
An elite (leet/1337) speak (speek) plural past participle of the commonly used gaming word "pwnd" (To destroy/kill/beat an opponent)
Pwnds is having owned (pl) where Pwnd is having owned (sing) and where Pwn is to own.
"You got pwnds noob!!1"
"I was on CS:S yesterday and thx to me the whole of CT got pwnds!!"
by Lee Gildemeester June 11, 2008
12 3
A bastardization of pwn'd, which is a bastardization of pwned, which is a bastardization of owned, which is a bastardization of "I just defeated you too easily, and I am happy."
Mod: -_- I'm a mod, you know.
n00b: SO? I LOVE CAPS LOCKK!!! U LUZA!!!!!!!!1111!!!1!

...........................Mod has kicked n00b........................
by TopherGopher May 28, 2013
5 1
The saying when you totally own somebody.
Preferablly on 1st person shooter games.
Nerd: *Jump attack* OH! PWN'D!
by Commando Rambo May 08, 2011
2 0
PWN = Owned, it was a word "created" by WarCraft. When you were to beat someone on WarCraft, they would say "The opponent got pwned". It was a typo, they actually meant for it to say "The opponent got owned"
"The opponent got pwned"
by Ricky January 24, 2004
50 48
The ultament shutdown of another person or beating someone that you are better at.
you just got pwnd man. noob just pwnd you.
by the fatone August 03, 2010
9 10
pwnd comes from pwnage what then comes from pure ownage. it's used to described a total beating.
player 1: *kills player 2*
player 1: you just got pwnd
by kolibreezer June 05, 2010
14 15