PWND means OWNED nothing more, lazy gamers made up the word ok ?
I owned you
o PWND you
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
most commonly used in the game counter-strike. ( which is a terorist / counter-terorist senario game). in this game there is a extreamly small map called "fy_pool_day". there are many unbelivable (sometimes lucky) plays that are made. since the counter-strike players love to put down others they will say " u got owned ". but in fy_pool_day there is little time to type, and the typo pwnd was thus originated. it was used more and more often and is now famous
"dude, tikimon u just got PWND by N_B]=NAPOLEON C]in the face with pump-shotie biatch!!!"
by Kyle Nolen May 13, 2006
A word from a "language" (used loosely)created by a bunch of internet junkies who are either too lazy to type out, or too uneducated to know how to spell actual words from the English Dictionary.
i pwnd ur @$$ l@$t nite, n00b. (note, the only "word" from that sentence that can be found in the English Dictionary is I, which is supposed to be capitalized)
by Annoyed November 04, 2004
Al Gore "invented" the phrase to best describe his defeat in the 2000 presidential election.
I can't believe "W" pwnd me like that.
by Praetoraen August 13, 2006
1. When you kill, murder, eliminate, destroy, an Enemy with A lower-class weapon of the video game that is being played on A computer.

2. A more brutal version of the word owned (used on a computer only).

;powned was once known as owned.
This word can only be used as a sentece such as,
by Ryan June 15, 2006
UGHH, this word, originally OWNED, derived from a game called counterstrike. so if you say pwnd in some other game, like halo, you deserve to die.
darK|Star: what bitch, you been PWND.
player: oh dang, i just been pwnd.
by darkstaurez January 22, 2005
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