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The sexual act describing when a man orally pleases a female and uses his fingers to replicate Davy Jones' tentacles.
I tried the davy jones on my girl last night, she's still walking like a pirate
by S.S. Boat July 04, 2013
A nickname for the devil, used by sailors. He is sometimes seen as a seperate entity. Commonly associated with the bottom of the sea, known as Davy Jones' Locker.
"This same Davy Jones, according to the mythology of sailors, is the fiend that presides over all the evil spirits of the deep, and is often seen in various shapes, perching among the rigging on the eve of hurricanes, ship-wrecks, and other disasters to which sea-faring life is exposed, warning the devoted wretch of death and woe." ~Tobias Smollett
by JC Brown July 12, 2006
a pirate who sailed on the pacific ocean who was the captain of the flying dutchman, a cursed ship that causes bad luck and omens. the ship was feared by every one including other pirates and admarial guards. because of the ships reputation davy jones the captain of the ship owned the seven seas of that time. later on a giant sea monster came up and destroyed the ship leaving davy jones and his men cursed to haunt the seas until judgement day/ the second coming of christ. the ship and men was never found by admaril guards. sailors say that davy jones and his flying dutchman is responsible of all the bad things that happen on the sea such as the sinking of the titanic and other sunken cruise ships.......
davy jones was a cursed man with a cursed ship, if you see him while your on a boat, your ass is in trouble!
by vannes August 06, 2006
1) place in the ocean, really far down.
2) singer in the band The Monkees.
hey hey we're the monkees
i lost it to davy jones' locker
by R0NJ0N November 16, 2005
noun- An event (usually a kiss or sexual experience)that is so good, you don't want to repeat it with anyone else and erase the good memory since you know nothing will ever compare. (from the Brady Bunch when Davy Jones kisses Marcia and she says "I'll never wash this cheek again!")

Also See 'Reverse Davy Jones'
Bertam gave me the most unbelievable Davy Jones last night after our date, now I can't make out with Eddie tomorrow or it will erase the vestiges of his kiss.

by A Peeples August 04, 2008
The way to refer to someone who think's that they're all that, but we all know there's somebody better.
"He's no Davy Jones."
by H-T September 13, 2004
Getting oral sex blow job from behind an open locker door
Hey dude, that chick gave me a Davy Jones after school yesterday.
by Jim Trivial May 17, 2011
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