Pwns is a "l33t" word used for "Owns" which is used to mean someone is better than someone else, I. E. "He Owns(Pws) You." It's a stupid an annoying term that fits into the whole "1337" category used by stupid gamers who think they're cool.
d00d th4t g4me t0tally PWNS
by Adaon July 29, 2003
Slang term to say F***ing owns. (Phucking Owns)
That guy doesn't just OWN the stage, he PWNs it.
Scott was just lost the fight; Mike PWNs him now
by MJM1988 September 17, 2006
pwns is just something someone made up.
pwn means to get a head shot in a game like counter strike.
Joo just got pwned bitch!!
by jack February 20, 2005
The misspelling of penis.
Fundo: Hey bitch. Feel my pwns!
bitch: Feel it yourself.
by auth00r June 19, 2006
beating an opponent in an online game

Usually refering to one's Vayne mechincs in normal games.

A level at which one becomes so skilled at a particular champion, they can own/pwn their opponents.
Red Habibian: get fkn pwned bronze n00b!
by xXd3adly_shadow1xX September 05, 2015

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