A simplified version of - Pistol-owned from counterstrike. newbs run around with machine guns while veterans with real accuracy use pistols and 'Pistol-own' people, or pwn. May even date back to Splatterball (on AOL), where Pistol-owning was also used.

another possible beginning- pwn = Pawn, from Everquest, where the weakest creatures were pawns. orc pawn.... to get beat by a pawn sucked, you were pwn'd...
I pwn j00.

My mithril bp pwns your leather one.
by l33t pwner May 27, 2004
a played out word used by WOW players and other general losers that live on their computers in a fantasy world they created for themselves. they seem to believe what they do online in these various games has some bearing on real life. users of this word are usually picked on in school or their work place and look up to people like the columbine and va tech killers as their idols. this is due to the fact they think they can talk to people in real life the same they do on their little games. reality then sets in and making actually human friends outside of their virtual world becomes immensely difficult.
loser: i totally pwn'd that guy!
me: shut the fuck up...get off that computer and get a life! and for the record you don't "OWN" shit...bitch.
by my little PWNy November 17, 2007
A short spelling of the word POWN.
In turn POWN is a short spelling of the words PURE OWNAGE.
Man i freakin PWN hardcore.
by jhouse May 13, 2005
To Power Own (pown,pawn,pwn,p00n) (to one, but on a greater scale)
ph34r, i p00n you! (Then does backflip and headshot!)
by Mortarion December 08, 2004
very gay word nerds use to describe a situation of master and slave. THE MASTER owns THE SLAVE, the winner PWNS the loser.
oh my god i am godlike, i headshot you, you just got pwned!
by supernerd March 26, 2005
1. A combonation of the words pow and own.

2. A mispelling of own used to insult an opponent.
I pwn Tyler Sandmeyer's ass.
by neoNigga April 09, 2004
A misspelling of the word 'owns'.
"lol ben affleck pwns me"
by Heza January 16, 2003

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