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misspelling of "owning" another due to 1)the close proximity of "P" and "O" and 2)the disregard of gamers to proper spelling while getting "fragged" that has come to mean "complete and utter domination" within the 1337 circles
other uses:
I pwned you
by Jong-scx December 29, 2004
Like 0wning, but better.
Wow #v76 is really pwning today!
by pwner February 09, 2003
ownage to a greater extent
in halo 2 owning would be throwing a granade into a room and killing someone.

pwning would be driving the whole damn scorpian tank in for the kill. (coag level)
by Mike Simoniello October 12, 2006
To own someone to such an extent that neither an O or a 0 can express it. Started off as a typo by moron skript kiddies.
i'm going to pwn j00.
you got pwnz0rd!
by benjaminfox July 11, 2004
pwning is the complete and utter ownage of a noob or player in halo 3, or any halo game in the triology. the act of pwing consists of 1 shot kills,head shots,or incredible sticks or grenade chucks
yo i am just pwning these nubs in halo, i stuck one from across the board.

DOUBLE KILL!!! i am just pwning these kids, w000t
by trevor ballinger February 01, 2008
pwning=owning. just replace the o with a p. its that simple.
i SO pwned you in Halo 2 last night.
by melissa k. June 29, 2005
Present tense of "pwn". Posessing. Marking as one's belonging. Especially when marked in the manner of a dog marking HIS belongings.

Script-kidding misspelling of "owning".
He is so pwning j00r 455!
by Jason DeLaney March 07, 2005
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