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Something To Do


Joe: What?! Don't be starting rumor about my friend.

KiKi: No I mean she got something to do.

Joe: Oh, moded.

by stripper4money February 10, 2009
stands for Porn Cancer.


addicted to porn, it's a disease.
John: So i heard you got the PC, is that true?

Ben: Yeah man i haven't slept in 3 days.

by stripper4money January 23, 2009
A parachute with Pokemon on it.

The pokemon parachute could be colorful, big, small, anything.

Pokechu could also mean POKE-CHU, as in poke you.
Kid: Mommy I want a pokechu!!

Mom: 'Scuse me hunnie, come again?
by stripper4money February 10, 2009
Pee While Nap


Pee While Napping
Max: Dude, can you please stop PWNING?

Scotty: My bad dude i got drunk last night and couln't control myself.
by stripper4money February 09, 2009
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